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Worth billions to the worldwide economy each year, the Games & Toys sector is a fast-moving one where the rewards can be high. Although the Games & Toys industry has some very well-established brands which have been around for decades – or more, in some cases – many retailers keep a careful eye on the latest trends and watch out for relative newcomers to the marketplace. This is because the industry is subject to strong trends, especially with products which are aimed at children. Due to the nature of this hit-and-miss sector of the economy, many wholesale toy companies offer a wide range of products, thus affording buyers lots of choice and the ability to diversify, particularly in the run up to high-demand times, such as Christmas. Wholesale toys can be as simple as something like a stuffed toy animal - as seen in the Stuffed Animals category - but also comprise some high-tech products, such as gaming consoles. When it comes to toys wholesale operators often stock a number of exciting new products along with tried and tested favourites, such as those found in the Snow Globes or Music Boxes categories.

When looking for the new hit toy, wholesale distributors undertake plenty of market research to find out what is likely to go down well, ready for the next season. Plenty of wholesale toys are gender specific, designed for either boys or girls. However, an increasing number of games and toys are unisex, broadening their appeal as far as possible. These days, the choice of toys wholesale operators have available is much wider than anything that has come before with many products tying into film franchises and other popular brands. Retail buyers looking for something novel can find it with where plenty of wholesale toys are available to discover, compare and order from the producer. Likewise, manufacturers and sellers can also take advantage of what has to offer. The platform also caters for the exchange of B2B contact information for those wishing to expand their business network.

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