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The food & drinks sector is a vibrant one that is ever-evolving to meet the changing demands of the consumer. At, contacts within the wholesale foodstuffs and products industry can be found to grow a company’s list of suppliers, buyers and/or consulting partners. In many European markets – and elsewhere across the globe – food processing is among the largest part of manufacturing sector of a given country. Of course, a wholesale foodstuff, such as grain or rice, is not necessarily something that should be considered to have been manufactured. On the other hand, wholesale foodstuffs, like bread or biscuits, are subject to manufacturing processes, often on an industrial scale. Along with the large demand for fresh produce, for example vegetable and fruit, there are now many longer-lasting foods available for buyers to choose from. Of course, the food and drink industry would be nothing without the proper equipment, so the items found in our Shop Fittings category, such as Equipment for Butchers, is essential. Likewise, the Transportation of Livestock & Meat category covers another very vital aspect.

When it comes to foodstuffs wholesale markets are more commonplace than smaller, or artisan, local producers, although many consumers take an interest in both. The same can be seen with the drinks industry where regionality is often used as a promotional tool. Certain drinks, like bottled water or wine for example, make much of their place of origin. However, the soft drinks industry is largely made up of a number of super-brands which dominate the market. Nevertheless, new drinks are constantly in development, often offering a unique combination of flavours, and many of these products can achieve a new level of exposure with, such as by finding suitable partners within the Catering & Party services sub-category.

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