Industrial Goods

An industrial good is a raw material or finished item that is required by a company, business or other organisation to make or distribute products or services. Goods of this type are used in an extensive variety of industrialized applications including manufacturing, commerce, supply and defence.

One principal area is construction; the need for homes and new commercial buildings drives demand and consequently, the acquisition and consumption of goods. In a contracting economy, the demand for these goods will tend to reduce. Conversely, in times of expansion, the industrial sector enjoys an upturn and an increase in activity.

Industrial goods include supplies of wood from forestry, as well as metal and glass. Chemicals, ceramics and textiles are also key materials, in addition to plastic, paper, cardboard and surface coatings. has the Materials category dedicated to this. In manufacturing, these goods include the plant equipment, heavy industrial machinery and power tools which are used to work with these supplies, or the more elaborate control systems and production lines with consumables such as bottles, cans and cartons as usually seen in food and drink processing. The requirement for these derived goods is sometimes called derived demand.

Pneumatic tools used in heavy works, air conditioning units in buildings and electrical machines are covered by the definition, along with office machinery, measuring instruments and protective clothing. Other examples include lighting, washing and drying systems. Shop equipment including computers or point of sale hardware is a further type. The Tools & Machines and Industrial Equipment sub-categories will cover many of these products.

In today's ever-changing market place, allows buyers access to other businesses including wholesalers and potential customers, in addition to keeping the member informed regarding all the latest developments in this important goods sector.

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