Materials & Semi-Finished Products

Materials & semi-finished products are the mainstay of many manufacturing and fabrication industries. The ability to source the right material for a product, from fibres to building materials, and have it delivered at the right time into a stock room for use on a production line is an essential part of many businesses supply chain strategy. Wholesale material includes anything from plastics to ceramics and from glassware to synthetic resins. In some cases, the sort of stock that a wholesale material distributor might hold could be a natural substance, such as stone or wood. In other cases, it might be entirely man-made materials, like industrial chemicals, surface coatings or even so-called nanomaterials which are built up at a molecular level, which are all covered by productpilot's Materials sub-category.

The basic materials needed by so many industries, whether they are supplied through wholesale material outlets or not, are distinct from semi-finished products. Basically, a semi-finished product has had part of its manufacturing process completed but is not yet something that would be available for retail. For example, in the electronics world, boards of components are often sold pre-assembled in a semi-finished state, with manufacturers supplying outer casings and their own software later for a wide range of consumer products. In the automotive sector, semi-finished products include things as complex as fully-functioning car engines which some car makers then fit to their own vehicle design. Whereas wholesale materials need to be processed entirely, semi-finished products, in some cases, merely need to be assembled or adapted to complete their manufacturing. Suppliers of both materials & semi-finished products can find manufacturers who will be able to take advantage of their wares using which connects buyers and sellers; or the Consultancy & Services sub-category will deal with any services offered in this industry.

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