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The textiles and clothing branch focuses upon the varied materials used to make clothing, and on the selection of styles and fashions in which this clothing, or apparel, appears on the market. As wholesale clothing traders will, of course, be aware, today's modern market in textiles and clothing is a truly global enterprise. Productpilot.com's portal reflects this contemporary reality, so if your business is wholesale trade in clothing, then you will find those with a significant market presence represented here. This applies not only if you are seeking to purchase stocks of wholesale textiles and wholesale clothings, but also equally if you are perhaps a manufacturer of clothing for wholesale distribution.

Clothing wholesales, like many other retail-product sectors, has seen some market turbulence in recent years. Traditionally strong zones which the global textile and apparel industry have come to rely upon, such as America, Japan and Europe, have all experienced significant economic downturns impacting upon retail sales. In such circumstances wholesales clothing and textiles traders have become accustomed to keeping a watchful eye on the progress and economic resilience of India and China. Each of these mammoth Asian economies have the potential to exert great influence as regards growth in both the textiles and clothings wholesale markets.

Despite the prominence of these two giants who tend to dominate sourcing, the textiles and apparel industry has also seen the emergence of important secondary producers. Driven by the advantages of low-cost production, emerging industries in Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh have all experienced gains, whilst outside Asia, Turkey and Brazil have also managed to attract significant investment.

As global economic circumstances have begun to improve, the good news for the textile and apparel industry has been the increase in consumer confidence, and the purchasing behaviour this has induced. Economists believe that, whilst 'big-ticket' items such as cars have been slower to recover, those with a little more disposable income are now drawn towards cheaper purchases, such as practical clothing, sportswear, and fashions, plus associated items like Cleaning Textiles and Pillows.

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ABG Systems S.r.l.

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Shirt and universal form finisher Mod. 404 - with or without boiler Shirt and universal...


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467 Form Finisher

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AK Deniz Otomotiv Hird Ve Teks San Tic Ltd. Sti

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484 Shirt Finisher

Shirt finisher for high-production and top-quality results. Either for connection...


ALUX A. Wieckowski

AluxCompanyis a Polish manufacturerof equipment forthe laundryindustry. We also...



A counting and sorting system which really delivers the speed and accuracy you need...


Ambica Jute Mills Ltd.

We, Ambica Jute Mills Ltd. are manufacturers and exporters of Jute Juco and cotton...


Active Scraper

Superior 360 degree scraping action in combination with self cleaning capabilities...


AquaRecycle LLC

AquaRecycle has been in business since 1996 and is a global leader in recycling...


Advanced Training

Knowledge transfer through various channels Hohenstein specialists regularly pass...


Aristar Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Aristar is a Polish (EU) producer of precisely tailored boot liners and car mats...


Air Chicago Small Piece Folder

America's best selling towel folder since its introduction. Towel and gown folder...



Asix is an environment friendly company from Bangladesh involved in manufacturing...

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