Car starter batteries

Product description

Black Horse

Black Horse,is our main and most famous brand from our product range. It owns loyalty among those customers who prefer quality, reliability, longevityand affordability. Thanks to these characteristics Black Horse holds strong position on domestic and international markets.

Black Horse produced with hybrid technology Sb/Ca and cover range from 36Ah to 235Ah

White Horse

White Horse brand designed for cars with significant amount of electronics on board. For this reasons we use Ca/Ca technology – both negative and positive grids are made with calcium.

Wide product range includes version with different amount of capacity from 42Ah to 100Ah.

Asian Horse

Asian Horse brand designed for cars produced by Asian motor industries. This battery can be produced both using Sb/Ca and Ca/Ca technology. Both version of Asian Horse battery can cover the range from 36Ah to 95Ah. Taking in consideration that amount of Asian car producers is growing both in Europe and in Russia, the demand for Asian type batteries is growing as well

Traction batteries

Lead traction batteries are used for propulsion of different types of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), like forklifts, electric trolleys,

electric lifting equipments, and many others.

Single PzS traction section consists of pasted negative and tubular positive grids. Total surface and the number of plates

determines the capacity of the section given as 5-hour discharge rate capacity (C5).

Koncern Farmakom MB - Fabrika Akumulatora Sombor A.D. (FAS) offers many different section types (DIN and DIN-S design),

described by capacity and dimensions. The whole range of traction sections are made in accordance to the following


DIN EN 60254-1, DIN EN 60254-2, DIN 43535/1998

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